Multi-tracks & Clicks


Loops and click tracks are a relatively new phenomenon in Christian worship. The digital age has made it possible for Churches with limited resources to use loops to enhance their overall sound.

There are several ways to use loops – special software, special hardware, iPads, Computers, MP3s and even CD’s.

The basic function of loops is to provide a fuller sound or instrumentation – that a church either can’t produce themselves or don’t have the personel to play the desired instrument.

The basic function of click tracks is to help every instrumentalist play in the same consistent tempo.

Combining clicks and loops allows for both functions to happen through one product.

The terminology for loops is broad including: clicks, supplemental tracks, multi tracks, backing tracks, light tracks, and loops.

Here are several sites that explain in detail the use of loops and click tracks. Many of these also sell loops, clicks, and the software needed to use them in your Worship service. You can also get free loops from some of these sites. a few custom loops available to purchase and download. has a few FREE loops to download and use. has snare, cymbal, kick and tom loops that you can download to add to your mix. These loops are for advanced users who know how to incorporate instruments into the mix. These loops are inexpensive and they have a good selection. has several FREE loops to download. They are offered in two formats, with click and without click. is a software based loop company. Purchase custom software and hardware in a “starter package” and purchase individual tracks for each song you need. Their tracks include every instrument in a song – and you can select which instruments you want to play live and which ones you want the “track” to play. The custom pedal board allows you to move from chorus to verse to bridge “on the fly” – so you can decided during the service the arrangement of a song. Having a fixed arrangement is a drawback to using loops but with you have full control over the arrangement. This is a great solution for smaller churches who don’t have a lot of instrumentalist but still want a full band sound. has a large selection of – you guessed it – loops. They have pads, strings, percussion, bass and just about any other loop you can think of. If you like to create your own loops for your songs, these FREE loops will get you headed in the right direction. is a really cool and inexpensive way to add instrumentation to your worship. This is an app that works on your iPhone or iPad. You can get great sounding tracks for worship for only $1.49 each from iTunes. There are many other features included with each track: lyric display (with nice backgrounds), vocal tracks (you set volume), guitar only versions, flexible playback (you set the arrangement), and more. No matter what size Church you have is a resource worth checking out. They only have a handful of songs right now, but they promise to add more songs in the future. – just what it says – an online community to discuss and purchase loops and multitracks for worship. Subscribe to get a FREE loop each month. a large site that has FREE loops, beats, and tracks for download. This site is not geared for Churches or worship but they do have some good tools to create custom loops. has several loops you can purchase but they also have some good info on how to use loops, what equipment to purchase, and how to get started. You can request a custom loop for only $25 – a good deal if you can’t find a premade loop for that song you’re doing. is the personal site of some guy named Scott (sorry I don’t have any more info on him). He has made many of his custom loops available for free download. It’s not a huge selection but if you need a loop for one of his songs – you can’t beat free! is a comprehensive site explaining in detail how to use loops for worship – specifically with Abelton Live and Garage Band. They have training videos, a forum, and tools you can purchase to build your own loops. only has a few loops available for purchase but a $5 a piece, you can’t go wrong.
 (formerly has a large selection of loops and multi-tracks. They also have video tracks (multi-tracks plus a lyric video to play with the song). Their multitracks require software to run (Ableton Live, Garage Band, Logic, ProTools, Studio One). These tracks give you the option to select which instruments you want to play live and which you want the track to play. They also offer “Light Tracks” which are MP3’s that have a Click (left channel) and Enhancement Mix (right channel). Being one of the largest loop resources online – you are likely to find what you need at has a good size library of loops. They also have a few FREE files but each track is only $7 – so a good choice if they have the song you need. You can also request a custom loop, or multitrack. – Northpoint Church’s store – they have 90 multitracks available for purchase – each track is only $7 – they’ve done the hard word for you. offers FREE loops / backing tracks to download and use for your Church. Their library is not extensive but this is a good place to start looking for a loop – free is good! here are some FREE drum loops to download and use. Advanced users will find these helpful. has one of the most extensive collections of click tracks available anywhere. Their tracks are high quality and you can trust that the arrangements will match the lead sheet / chord chart. Each track is $4.50 or 2 credits if you use the prepayment plan (a good idea btw). If you are looking for a click track is the first place you should look. is a sister site to They are unique in that you can pick which parts of a track you want to highlight and send those mp3’s to your team. You can also sync your account with – so you can send the rehearsal tracks to each of your team members as you schedule them in PlanningCenter. Purchase credits (the more you buy, the cheaper they are) and you will be well on your way to helping your team be prepared for rehearsal. – register for this site and get FREE access to over 6 Gigs of sound files to use in loops. – a handful of FREE loops available as a Reason file or an MP3. has a handful of Multitrack files for Worship songs. These tracks come in a packet that includes chord charts, lead sheets, rehearsal tracks, vocal tracks, etc. Basically you get everything you need to learn, rehearse and perform a song for only $30 – a good value. Hopefully they will add more song packages soon. – similar to Flyworship, but cheaper. This is custom software that will allow even the most basic users the ability to use multitracks in Worship. Pick which instruments you want to use in the track and change the arrangement of the song live. – very similar to Flyworship and WorshipBackingBand. It runs completely from an iPad and the app is FREE! You do have to purchase each song you plan to use which are around $10 each. If you are a one-person band or only have a couple of instrumentalist, this is an option worth checking out. They also have chord charts available that match the exact arrangement from the app. is a relatively new site that offers instruction on how to use loops and clicks in Worship. They don’t have any loops to purchase (that I can see) but they do have good how-to videos for using loops.

Know of a website that sells or gives away loops or click tracks?
Send me an email and I’ll add it to the list.