Free Image Sites


Here are several sites that give away FREE pictures. Some of these sites are totally free – meaning you don’t have to give credit of any kind no matter how you use the images. Some of these sites allow you to use their images as long as you don’t sell the image in some form. Some of these sites list their images under the Creative Commons License. This license has a few variations – but for the most part a simple “Attribution” is all that is required to use the image. (Just give the original author credit.) Each site has it’s own requirements so be sure to double check the license requirements before you use any image.


Textures are a great way to add a professional and polished look to your designs. Some textures are actually photographs and some are computer generated images. You can use textures in all kinds of ways including: Lyric Backgrounds, Announcement Slides, Power Point Templates and much more. Here are a few sites that give away FREE textures of all kinds. Check out these sites before you buy, because you can probably find what you need for FREE.