Media is a great way to communicate a message. Media captures our attention, and stirs our emotions. It can be a great tool for the Church in helping to emphasize a point, share the gospel, call to action, encourage believers, and much more. Here are some sites that sell and give away Countdowns, Motion Backgrounds, Stills, Mini Movies, and Song Track Videos that you can use in your Church.



Big Box Retailers – these are sites that sell products other people have produced. These sites have a very large selection of videos and most of them have very good search functions – where you can pinpoint exactly what you want with ease. Sign up for their newsletters and you can get updates, FREE videos, coupons codes, specials and more.

Cost Money – these are sites that sell only products they have produced. While most of these sites don’t have a huge selection, they do have some quality videos to sell. Most of these sites also offer their videos for sale at the Big Box Stores. However most of the time you can get a better price purchasing from the Producer than you can the Big Box Stores because they don’t have as much overhead. You can subscribe to these sites to get updates, FREE videos, coupon codes, and more.

Free Stock Footage – sites that give away FREE stock footage. Stock – is footage that is generic and can fit into several applications. So if you need a baby, or cars, or areal footage, etc. these are the sites to visit.

Free Videos – that’s right! A large list of sites that give away Countdowns, Motion Backgrounds, Stills, Mini Movies, and more – all for FREE. If you’re looking for a video, these sites are the first place you should check.

Subscriptions – The most cost effective (and my favorite) way to purchase videos is through subscriptions. These sites sell individual videos but they also offer subscriptions. A subscription gives you unlimited access to download what you need, when you need it, for an entire year – for one fixed price. Subscription prices vary, but your money is well spent on these sites.

These are sites that sell products other companies have produced. These sites have a very large selection of videos and most of them have very good search functions – where you can pinpoint exactly what you want with ease. Sign up for their newsletters and you can get updates, FREE videos, coupons codes, specials and more. is a division of Bigstuff Camps. They sell videos, audio and software. Their method of payment is through a credit system. It’s a little cumbersome if you just want one video (because you have to buy credits, then go back and buy the video) but if you plan on purchasing from BigStufMedia often you can get a few free credits by purchasing several credits at a time. Probably the best thing about BigStufMedia is their Propresenter bundle. If you purchase Propresenter from them you can get $1000.00 in free media – a good deal. creates videos that help you teach. If you are looking for a Small Group Curriculum, a Youth Bible Study, a Sermon Illustration, or Leadership Development Video – Bluefish is your one stop shop. Not only do they have great teaching tools, they also have the best prices when it comes to Teaching Videos & Illustrations. Sermon illustration videos are only $6.99 and Countdowns and Motion Backgrounds are $2.99 – you won’t find a better price for individual downloads. Like them on facebook for discounts and free videos. has a large selection of Mini Movies, Countdown Videos, Motion Backgrounds and more from over 40 different producers. Their prices are average for Big Box Stores but they do have an never-ending coupon code you can use to get 10% off any time – “churpedia”. They have a pretty good blog with video updates and stories and if you’re interested in branding your church – they can help with that too. sells media from several producers including Mini Movies, Motion Backgrounds, Bibles, Stills and more. This is a division of the popular worship presentation software – EasyWorship. Although they don’t have any originale media, they do have several collections you can purchase at a good price. is a place where Ministry and Videos converge. They highlight the best that today’s Christian Videos have to offer. Mineeo sells mini movies and backgrounds from some of todays Top producers including: Igniter Media, Dan Stevers, The Skit Guys and more. Their site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. You won’t find a cheap video on because they are committed to providing only the best and Biblical media available. is a solid Big Box Retailer with thousands of media options for the local church. They always have videos on sale and if you buy a bundle you can really save some money. Their site is easy to navigate and they have a good search function. is one of the largest Big Box Retailers of media for the church. They have just about every video on the market. They always have media on sale and their collections are the best of any site. Their “Bread & Butter” in my opinion is their subscription packages. For $19 / month you can get unlimited access to almost 3000 videos in the “Subscription Library”. With each subscription you can also get several “Credits” to download premium videos as needed. Sign up for their newsletter to get reward points, discounts and a free video each month. is my favorite Big Box Retailer and probably the most popular around. They have thousands of Mini Movies, Motion Backgrounds, Worship Tracks, Stills and a whole lot more. Because of the popularity of WorshipHouseMedia, a lot of producers offer their products on sale periodically (I think so they can get plenty of exposure) for up to 50% off. They also give away a free video each month. Be sure to check out their Software Bundles and Small Group Videos. Also, if you follow them on Facebook & Twitter they give promo codes out periodically. Their search function is second to none and their customer service is top notch. is another site operated by WorshipHouse, that sells the same products under a different name. has – you guessed it – media geared toward kids. A very unique site with lots of cool media products to use in children’s ministry. They too give away a free video each month. is a sister site to They sell quality Mini Movies, Motion Backgrounds, Countdowns, Etc. You can buy individual items or purchase credits and use those credits to buy videos. The more credits you buy at a time, the more extra credits you receive for free. So if you plan on purchasing a lot from WorshipVue it’s a good idea to invest in one of their packages. Their credit packages also carry over to their other sites (PraiseCharts & ChordShark). Sign up for their email newsletter and you can receive a free video every once in a while.