Today’s New Worship Resource is a subscription based site that gives it’s subscribers complete access to all their media for one low price.

And I mean low. offers unlimited downloads for a year, for only $39.95.
That’s less than $4 a month.

They have Countdowns, Powerpoints, Motions, Announcement Slides, Backgrounds, Bulletin Art, and more – over 1000 files and they add new media every week.

Why do they offer all this media at such a low price? Here’s their answer:

“Our low cost is pure and simply from God. HE knows how to create unbelievable media on a budget and that is exactly the steps we followed when creating our products and site. We have been told we should charge lots more but what difference will that make when we get to heaven?”

It is obvious they exist to help The Church be effective in using media for God’s glory.

They do have some FREE media you can download if you sign up for a free trial period (no CC required).

If you only have $40 to spend all year on media for your church, is where you should spend it.

Love Jesus, Do good work, Be a blessing!