Motion Worship

I am a motion video junkie.

I am always looking for free and cheap motion background videos to use during our worship times and over the years I have been able to build up a pretty large library.

A few weeks ago I came across this great site.

It is the best deal I’ve seen for worship videos and motion backgrounds. It is a subscription based site – you pay yearly and you can cancel at any time.

There are many subscription based sites like this but most of them charge anywhere from $150 – $400. Kinda steep if you have little or no budget for motion videos.

With MotionWorship, for only $50/year you get unlimited download access to over 500 videos.

They have countdowns, mini movies, announcement loops, stills and of course motion backgrounds. They also promise to add more in the coming months.

Whether you have hundreds of motion videos or you’re just getting started with a motion library, is a great option to consider.

UPDATE: Until April 8th you can get 10% off a year subscription. Use the promo code: EASTERMAIL at checkout and get your subscription for only $45!

Love Jesus, Do good work, Be a blessing.