Graphics and Bumpers are a great way to bring uniformity to a sermon series. They also spark interest and build anticipation to an upcoming series. Most Churches, though don’t have the personel or time to create quality graphics. Here are several websites and churches that sell or giveaway Sermon Series Graphics. Many of these sites offer their products in a .psd format (Photoshop), which means you can edit the graphic to fit your needs. Even if you (or your pastor) don’t preach through a series, these graphics are great to use for special occasions, holidays, book studies, and many other sermons. I’ve also listed some sites to get inspiration and ideas from.

Cost Money

These sites sell quality sermon series resources. While the main graphic certainly is included, you can also get companion products (usually in an all inclusive package) with some of these grahics. Sermon Bumpers (a short video to play before each sermon), Countdown Videos, Bulletin Covers, Message Transcripts and more are often included with these packages. Some of these Sermon Packages come from very large Churches that have used and tested them. They range in price from $15 to $150.

FREE Series Graphics

If you’re looking for quality, FREE Sermon Series Resources this is the page to visit. With over 20 different websites to get FREE stuff from, I think you’ll find this to be one of the most comprehensive lists around. Some of these sites only offer the title slide. Some have the title slide and other companion resources like; Sermon Bumpers, Countdowns, Bulletin Covers and more. Many of these sites also offer the .psd (Photoshop) file for download, so (if you have photoshop) you can make any adjustments you want, to make the graphic look and say exactly what you need. Did I mention these are FREE?!


Sometimes when preparing Sermon Series graphics, you get stuck. You just can’t think of a direction you want the graphic to go. A blank page is very intimidating. Here are some sites that are great for Inspiration. These are quality artist who display their work for others to critique and learn from. There are also some Churches here that have very good graphics. While these are not free, they are a good place to go, when looking for a fresh design idea, and to keep your creative juices flowing.


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