Media is a great way to communicate a message. Media captures our attention, and stirs our emotions. It can be a great tool for the Church in helping to emphasize a point, share the gospel, call to action, encourage believers, and much more. Here are some sites that sell and give away Countdowns, Motion Backgrounds, Stills, Mini Movies, and Song Track Videos that you can use in your Church.



Big Box Retailers – these are sites that sell products other people have produced. These sites have a very large selection of videos and most of them have very good search functions – where you can pinpoint exactly what you want with ease. Sign up for their newsletters and you can get updates, FREE videos, coupons codes, specials and more.



Cost Money – these are sites that sell only products they have produced. While most of these sites don’t have a huge selection, they do have some quality videos to sell. Most of these sites also offer their videos for sale at the Big Box Stores. However most of the time you can get a better price purchasing from the Producer than you can the Big Box Stores because they don’t have as much overhead. You can subscribe to these sites to get updates, FREE videos, coupon codes, and more.


Free Stock Footage – sites that give away FREE stock footage. Stock – is footage that is generic and can fit into several applications. So if you need a baby, or cars, or areal footage, etc. these are the sites to visit.




Free Videos – that’s right! A large list of sites that give away Countdowns, Motion Backgrounds, Stills, Mini Movies, and more – all for FREE. If you’re looking for a video, these sites are the first place you should check.




Subscriptions – The most cost effective (and my favorite) way to purchase videos is through subscriptions. These sites sell individual videos but they also offer subscriptions. A subscription gives you unlimited access to download what you need, when you need it, for an entire year – for one fixed price. Subscription prices vary, but your money is well spent on these sites.



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