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  1. I’m looking for a free download video for new year’s day about 30 to 35 minutes long for our church service. Our pastor is not here this sunday. We have a small shrinking congregation and need a video to take the place of him.

  2. Hello Josh several of the links on your resources page are now broken, Have many of the Christian music loop companies gone out of business. Please provide your assessment on this (music loop) business for the Church…. ?

  3. Hi,

    I would like to suggest adding a new resource to the list of free stock video resources located on your site here:


    The resource is as follows:


    High quality stock video footage and motion graphics across a wide range of categories including business, industry and production.

    I hope you will be able to add this new resource to your site.

    Thank you for your help.


  4. Hi Joshua!

    I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your font resources page, some savvy young artists and I are getting a lot of use from it! We’re currently working on poster designs for our media arts workshop and we’ve been searching all over for typography inspiration and resources. That’s how we stumbled onto your page here, http://www.newworshipresources.com/resources/fonts …it’s been tough finding non-spammy sites for the kids so you have our thanks! Plus your page gave us a lot of great ideas to get started

    As a token of our thanks we wanted to share another fun tool that one of our superstars Mia shared with me- it’s a guide to fonts that has some helpful info on web typography and font creation. We found the font creation section especially handy since it elaborates on font characteristics/structure. Maybe you might even find it useful for your page? Let us know what you think:

    Font guide for all occasions-

    Hopefully you like it too! If you do decide to add it I’ll be sure to show Mia and the gang you liked her find. I love sharing so if you have any needs or cool media project ideas please feel free to pass them on! Thanks again and sorry for rambling, I’m excited about this connection. :o)

    Cheers and well wishes,

    Cynthia Burt

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