is a unique resource for Worship Ministries. They provide Vocal Part recordings of some of the most popular worship songs today. Teach your Praise Team and choir the melody and harmony of a song with ease. There are several ways to gain access to the song catalog. You can sign up for a subscription […]

If you are looking for some fresh, new and FREE graphics, is a good place to start. They have some really nice Sermon Series Graphics and Announcement Slides – all are FREE to download and use in your church or ministry. is a division of They work with churches to provide quality […]

Why NewWorship

Another website, really? Why waste time with another website when others already have great sites to offer? My goal for this site is to provide churches and ministries with FREE and inexpensive resources they can use for Worship, Media and Technology. There are a lot of good sites out there and many of them provide […]

Leading Between the Songs

What does it mean to lead between the songs? Transitions. A lot of worship leaders do a great job leading music but the time spent between songs is often awkward and unorganized. We spend all of our time planning the songs, but we don’t think about what we’re going to say to lead into the […]