Today’s New Worship Resource is a subscription based site that gives it’s subscribers complete access to all their media for one low price. And I mean low. offers unlimited downloads for a year, for only $39.95. That’s less than $4 a month. They have Countdowns, Powerpoints, Motions, Announcement Slides, Backgrounds, Bulletin Art, and more […]

Best Companies To Follow On Twitter


Twitter is a great way to find FREE stuff and discounts on products. Here are some of the companies I follow – many of which tweet promotions, FREEBIES and new product information. If you’re on Twitter (and you should be) follow these companies to get lots of good stuff. Also check out The 10 Commandments […] is a unique resource for Worship Ministries. They provide Vocal Part recordings of some of the most popular worship songs today. Teach your Praise Team and choir the melody and harmony of a song with ease. There are several ways to gain access to the song catalog. You can sign up for a subscription […]

If you are looking for some fresh, new and FREE graphics, is a good place to start. They have some really nice Sermon Series Graphics and Announcement Slides – all are FREE to download and use in your church or ministry. is a division of They work with churches to provide quality […]