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Media is a great way to communicate a message. Media captures our attention, and stirs our emotions. It can be a great tool for the Church in helping to emphasize a point, share the gospel, call to action, encourage believers, and much more. Here are some sites that sell and give away Countdowns, Motion Backgrounds, […]

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Finding music to use in Worship and Media can be a difficult and time consuming task. Here are several websites broken down into categories that will help to save you time and money when looking for that perfect track to use in your next project or worship service.   Backing Tracks are musical underscores that […]

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Every Church should be using quality imagery to help share the message of hope through Jesus. Finding quality imagery though, takes a lot of time and money. Here are some sites to help you find quality imagery to use in your Newsletters, Bulletins, Announcement Slides, Emails, Website, Promotional Materials and much more.   Here are […]

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